Vinylthon 2016 College Radio Programming Guide









Note: this is a partial list being updated regularly as we receive information from the 45 participating stations about their specific plans for the Vinylthon.


KFJC 88.7 FM will be celebrating the first College Radio Day Vinylthon by digging into our extensive vinyl library throughout the day. Tune in at 6pm PST for an all-vinyl hour hosted by Cousin Mary during “Stream of Consciousness.”

KLBC Radio will spin vinyl from 11am to 6pm pst. 70s/80s Punk, Rap & Rock, 60’s Soul, Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Alt-Rock, Soundtracks and more will all get the vinyl treatment. We’re looking forward to filling your ears with wax!!

Blue Storm Radio will be streaming vinyl for at least 8­-12 hours, from 6:00am with 2-hour shifts through the morning and into the afternoon to around 4:00pm. CST. We intend to highlight our regional artists (St. Louis metro) as much as possible: Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, Miles Davis, Nelly, and David Peaston to mention just a few.

WCSF will from 12pm-2pm CST be playing two hours of non-stop vinyl! We’ll play weird sounds from all over the place!

WXAV 88.3 FM will host a special all-vinyl program hosted by former College Radio Day President Peter Kreten. Tune in at 11 AM CST to hear some rare vinyl gems!


KMNR 89.7 FM is going to play 24 hours of straight vinyl. There will be classic rock from 10am until 4pm CST and EDM and dance music records from 10pm until midnight.


WMSC will play only vinyl from 1pm to 12 midnight EST! The broadcast will start with “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica. They are the ambassadors of Record Store Day 2016! Our host is our Music Director Ivan Dario Arevalo, and Engineering Director Nick Franciosa will be on hosting duties. A lot of us will be around to celebrate with them.

WPSC will be playing vinyl non-stop from 1 pm EST to 12-midnight! A classic selection of college rock as well as some rare tracks will be played throughout the day by the station DJs.

WTSR will be celebrating through its show The Garden Statement, which will be playing two full hours of vinyl-based programming! 1-3pm est.


WDWN will be broadcasting from 4pm until 8pm EST, spinning great tunes from all genres from the known universe…

WITC 88.9 will be playing vinyl from 1-2pm EST. They will be playing songs from Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Genesis, Joan Jett, The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, and Bruce Springsteen.

WERW will be hosting an hour show of vinyl play in the morning from local upstate NY record labels. The idea behind this is that in the afternoon we are helping promote and put on a Record Store Day event here on campus for all the upstate NY labels. In addition, we are encouraging our Saturday DJs to play vinyl of their own and what we have in the studio and Friday we will be holding some vinyl training for DJs.

WHWS-LP will do a house of vinyl between 11am EST and noon (maybe longer). It will coincide with an “Admissions Open House” as we give tours of the station(s).

WUSB is doing all vinyl all day! Midnight to midnight! A full lineup of which DJs will be participating and their themes will be posted online at our website.


WOBC will start from 12pm-2pm EDT when we’ll have Chameleon Radio w/ DJ Chuck Ryals (a 2 hr experimental/freeform show), from 4-9PM is our 5 hours jazz block and all these DJs are committed to playing vinyl this upcoming Saturday.  From 4-5PM is Mind The Gap w/ Kyle Sherepita, 5-7PM is Snapshot in Time w/ Kevin C. Scalley (this will consist of Jazz from the 50’s to the 70’s from the Mainstream to the Avante-garde to Jazz/Rock). And finally, from 7-9 PM is Strange Martini (mostly covering lesser known jazz tracks).


Radio BUX is making the entire week a celebration of vinyl. Throughout our array of programming we are asking our airstaff to feature vinyl. A few have promised to make their shows entirely vinyl based. On Wednesday-Friday, we are featuring a Record Swap on campus! We are hoping to perform a remote broadcast on Saturday from a local record store.

90.3 FM WESS, in East Stroudsburg, PA, will have a special vinyl broadcast happening from 7-8pm. EST. While that is happening, several of our DJs will be at our local record store for live coverage of the performances going on there.

98.5 WNUW is going vinyl from 8am-12am. EST We opened it up to anyone in the university to come in and play their favorite records, and have gotten good responses from students, faculty, and staff.


XLR Lander University Radio will be going wall to wall on Saturday with student, faculty, and staff disc jockeys spinning stax of wax for the masses. We have new, we have old, we have weird (Muppet Disco?). Join the fun at (and yes, we are calling on our friends and colleagues to join us)!


KTXT 88.1 – The Raider is joining forces with Ralph’s Records to celebrate Vinylthon, a.k.a. Record Store Day, Saturday, April 16th, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a live broadcast remote at Ralph’s Records.

UTA Radio has a new (ish) turntable and will hit it hard (and officially) on the 16th from 10-1pm cst.


WVTC is planning to hold a 24-hour marathon of DJs playing only records. Vinyl all day long!


WXTJ is UVA’s all-student radio station, and the sister station of WTJU. WXTJ will play vinyl for at least two hours (probably much more) on April 16th as part of our freeform programming.


WMUL will play vinyl from 12 noon to 3:30 p.m EST. We’ve been doing some deep digging in our archives to find weird/cool records to play.